Adolescent Psychiatry

If you are looking for a service that specializes in adolescent psychiatry, it would be our pleasure to assist you. At Ballen Medical & Wellness, it is our goal to provide quality adolescent psychiatry in Denver, CO, and we would be happy to work with you and your teen. Mental health is a significant issue among teenagers, it is essential to work with a provider who is trained to treat the specific details of adolescents. Using a comprehensive approach with adolescents that includes psychotherapy, group therapy, medication management, and lifestyle changes will allow your teen to find relief from mental health symptoms. With rising depression and anxiety in teenagers, along with the increased stressful events that our teenagers are witnessing, it is critical to approach your adolescent’s mental health with a deliberate plan. It is our priority to address these concerns and ensure your teen is provided the resources for success.

How Our Adolescent Psychiatry Sessions Work 

The goal of adolescent psychiatry at Ballen Medical & Wellness is to give your child an opportunity to achieve optimal mental wellness. Your teen will meet with one of our psychiatry providers and navigate their symptoms to determine if medication management is an option that would benefit your child. Our adolescent psychiatry team has significant experience working with the unique issues that arise during this life stage, along with being equipped with a multitude of treatment options. Often teenagers are not aware that there are many options outside of medication that may be beneficial to the process. It is our highest priority that the teenager and family are involved in significant decisions such as medication management, which will create an open dialogue towards success. Our adolescent care team is open to adapting and adjusting your adolescent’s care plan as we see their individual needs develop. We focus on creating a relationship with your teen that gives them the freedom to have a voice and take ownership of their mental health.

Our Treatment Philosophy 

At Ballen Medical and Wellness, we have several treatment tools and options that we use to help teenagers manage mental health concerns. We can provide traditional treatment options along with many holistic alternatives, we will find a balance that gives your teenager the best opportunity to succeed. We prioritize staying knowledgeable on the latest developments in our field, along with researching alternative treatment options that may be beneficial. We understand that teenagers often need to see their care providers in person to develop a dynamic relationship. We make it a priority to offer both telepsychiatry and in-person appointments for adolescent psychiatry. Our approach to mental health treatment is that it should not be restricted to a box, we find the best results when creating unique treatment plans for each teenager’s situation. Count on our adolescent psychiatrists to work with your teenager to manage mental health issues.

Conditions We Treat 

There are several common conditions that adolescent psychiatry can help with. Some of the most common reasons why teenagers come to our office include:

  • ADHD: ADHD can make it very difficult for teenagers to focus in the classroom, causing them to fall behind in their studies. ADHD can also have an adverse impact on their social development.
  • OCD: Also known as obsessive-compulsive disorder can also have an impact on someone’s overall quality of life. We will help teenagers build coping skills to keep the symptoms at bay, allowing them to move forward with their life.
  • General Anxiety Disorder: Anxiety is another common concern among adolescents. We have a variety of treatment techniques that we can use to help teenagers recover from and manage anxiety. Often teenagers will exhibit behaviors that indicate an anxiety disorder may be the source. Some of these behaviors are cutting, using drugs or alcohol, and obsessions with social media.
  • Separation Anxiety Disorder: A lot of teenagers develop a separation anxiety disorder, and we use several treatment techniques to customize a plan to meet the needs of each individual patient.
  • School-Related Stress: Teenagers are under a tremendous amount of stress, and it is important to help teenagers build healthy stress management techniques. We offer stress management techniques that will serve them well into the future.
  • Bullying: Bullying can contribute to a wide range of mental health issues and it is more common today than many people realize. Bullying comes in many shapes and forms, and we will work with teenagers to manage mental health issues related to bullying.
  • Bipolar Disorder: The ups and downs that come with bipolar disorder can be very difficult for someone to manage. We have several treatment methods that we can use to smooth out the turmoil of bipolar disorder.
  • Family Relationships: We know that teenagers can have a difficult time managing some familial relationships. We will work with teenagers closely to improve those relationships.
  • Depression: We realize that teenagers have had significant increases in depression related to many of the current world events and trends. We will work with your teen to find the solutions that work best.
  • Trauma: Many teenagers and adults have experienced traumatic events that lead to mental health symptoms. While we find it important to treat symptoms, it is also essential to treat the trauma process. We find that using this root cause approach creates more sustainable results.
  • Addiction: Teenagers are inundated with drugs and alcohol, some teens are only experimenting with these substances, but they can grow to become more than experimenting. We can assess your teenager for addiction, help your teen find alternative options, and work with your child to develop healthier coping mechanisms outside of drugs and alcohol.

Contact Ballen Medical & Wellness To Make an Appointment for Adolescent Psychiatry in Denver 

At Ballen Medical & Wellness, adolescent psychiatry is centered around a collaborative individual approach. Creating a relationship with your teenager that is centered around trust and empowerment will allow your teenager to see positive results in their mental wellness. We would be happy to work with your family and teen to develop a treatment strategy that reflects your values and helps your kid recover. We offer both in-person visits as well as Telepsychiatry. Contact us today to make an appointment.