Adolescent Therapy

More than ever, Teenagers are ready and willing to get help for their mental health issues, and it would be our pleasure to assist you. We are Ballen Medical & Wellness, and it is our pleasure to offer adolescent therapy in Denver, CO. We know that teenagers are under a tremendous amount of stress today, and we strive to develop treatment plans and processes that can help teenagers manage mental health symptoms and make a full recovery. During these critical years, many teens begin questioning many parts of their life including sexuality, religion, authority, morals, and life goals. These large questions can be very challenging to navigate alone, and we can provide support and guidance to help teens process these confusing feelings.

Teenage years are filled with many doubts and often increased by social pressures, school, bullying, social media demands, constant technology stimulation, and current trends. It is our goal to equip teens with the resources to feel confident, strong, and prepared to face the world of unknowns. Healthy coping mechanisms for life stressors will be of great asset in the upcoming years. Our team of therapists is skilled to work with teenagers struggling that have had recent traumatic events and can help your teen digest events such as divorce, sexual assault, bullying, sports pressure, grief, sexuality transitions, bullying, and even loss of friends or family from suicide. We can meet them right where they are at. Adolescent therapy can help those struggling with unhealthy behaviors often seen in distressed teens such as cutting, drugs, alcohol, social isolation, impulsive decisions, binge eating, problems at school, violence, skin and hair picking, and unsafe sexual practices.

We believe that successful therapy starts with strong relationships and trust with all clients, this is even more important when working with adolescent clients. We believe that in-person connections are ideal for relationship development, particularly when working with adolescents. We are equipped with both male and female therapists that see clients in-person and have availability that will accommodate a teenager’s busy schedule. Call today to schedule a free 15-minute consult with our therapists today, we will find the perfect match.

We know that parents and families want their teenagers to receive the best care available. We find it imperative to work closely with parents, ensuring that they understand the plan and goals of the teenager while respecting the teenager’s need for independence and privacy. We will work with the teen to develop the skills to communicate with their family about their goals, plan, and progress. We will create the space to allow your teen to have a voice in their outcome while ensuring safe, healthy, and optimal skills are being reinforced. We even offer family sessions if needed, these can be very effective in creating cohesion and teaching healthy techniques to resolve disagreements. Adolescent years are very difficult, and many times reaching out for help is the best decision a family or teen can do. We always prioritize the well-being of our patients and their families, and we would be happy to do the same for you.

The Top Signs a Teenager Needs Therapy

Teenagers go through mood swings. It is a part of puberty, and often parents question if their teen may need therapy. We believe that all people can benefit from therapy, but one must be willing to participate and engage in the process. If your teenager is struggling and is hesitant about trying therapy, provide them with the possibilities of positive outcomes that appeal to the teen. You can assure your teenager that we believe results start with the therapist developing a trusting open relationship and teenagers are allowed privacy with their shared information. The teen can trust that private information will not be shared with anyone unless it reveals someone is in danger. We believe that having a warm, none intimidating environment is the first step in giving teens the ability to feel comfortable with therapy. We have therapy dogs that can aid in this process, along with a very non-threatening office environment, that feels more like a home rather than a doctor’s office.

If you are concerned that your adolescent may need therapy, there are some signs that may help you decide:

  • Your teen asks for therapy
  • Expressing constant feelings of anger, anxiety, worry, hopelessness, or fear
  • Having such a hard time concentrating that their school performance is suffering significantly
  • A complete inability to focus on anything for more than a few seconds at a time
  • Harming themselves physically
  • Use of violence
  • Dangerous use of drugs or alcohol
  • Cutting
  • Sudden/Immediate lack of motivation in prior hobbies, clubs, sports, friendships, and goals.
  • Excessive increase or decrease in sleep
  • Expressing suicidal thoughts, plans, or ideas
  • Expressing extreme fascination with death
  • Significant distress related to their sexuality
  • Excessive social isolation
  • Extreme weight change
  • Excessive neglect in self-grooming habits

If you believe your teenager is acutely at risk of harming themselves or others, contact your nearest medical facility as soon as possible. After your teen is safe, we are happy to provide follow-up care.

How Adolescent Therapy in Denver, CO Works

If your adolescent comes to us for therapy, there are several steps we will follow to help them recover. Some of the components of our therapy program include:

  • Deep Listening: Our goal is to provide your teenager with a safe place to discuss their concerns and have an honest conversation. We believe it is important to let your teenager know that patient privacy is of the utmost importance to us. If your teenager does not trust that his or her conversations are confidential, then he or she might not be honest with us. Listening is the foundation of a therapeutic relationship.
  • Targeted Insight: We will ask questions that help your teen identify the most distressing areas in their life. Questions are tailored to help your teenager accept the areas in their life that could be helped by therapy. Rumination is a thought pattern that repeats itself unintentionally, we get stuck in these patterns. These patterns often reinforce negative self-esteem, and negative ideas about our lives, and the world around us. We empower teens with skills, techniques, and communication tools to stop this unhealthy pattern.
  • Goals: As we develop a treatment plan, we will help your teenager set meaningful goals. We believe setting goals is important because it creates purpose and hope for their future. Goals are helpful in creating a foundation of change, improving self-awareness, and promoting positive self-esteem. We understand the importance of family cohesion, and it is our priority to give your teen the skills needed to communicate. Family engagement is essential in the healing process, we will help your teen create a plan that promotes healthy family dynamics.

A Continuous, Integrative Plan Is Important

We believe that taking an integrative approach to mental wellness requires looking at each situation uniquely. Each individual and family is different, and it is our priority to align with your goals. We often start this process with an initial therapy consult, where we collect as much information as possible, and then develop a care plan for success. There are multiple components that affect mental health, and we will help you and your teen assess what is the best path to success. We customize the treatment plan to meet your needs and achieve mental wellness, this can include medication management, family therapy, testing, and other alternative interventions.

Contact Ballen Medical & Wellness for Adolescent Therapy in Denver, CO

If you believe your teenager is suffering from mental health issues, it would be our pleasure to help. We understand that it is difficult to navigate what is right for your adolescent. These topics are complex, and our team has a tremendous amount of training and experience to guide you to the right path. It is this treatment process that has made us one of the most trusted providers in the local area. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with our team.