Child Psychiatry

If you are looking for mental health professionals who are trained and specialized in child psychiatry, look no further than Ballen Medical & Wellness. Our team of trained mental health professionals will provide your child with a safe place to begin their path to mental wellness. We use a collaborative approach that includes developing a trusting relationship with your child and open dialogue with parents. Ballen Medical & Wellness is not only equipped to work with your young child for medication management, but we also provide resources for the entire family including group therapy, individual therapy, and family therapy. We understand that treating children is to be done with the utmost care and concern, which should include a variety of treatment options based on achieving your child’s goals.

Mental health issues in children are more common than many people realize. They can affect many areas of your child’s life including school, sibling relationships, sports, development, social interactions, and even their medical health. If your child is struggling with mental health or emotional well-being, we would be glad to help. We provide professional child psychiatry services in Denver, CO, and it will be our pleasure to work with you and your child as well.

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Children Can Develop a Variety of Mental Health Concerns 

Children often show mental health concerns in a variety of ways. Ballen Medical & Wellness understands the challenges parents face when their child is exhibiting mental health symptoms. Our team knows that children need to connect with their medical care teams directly, in person, and have both child psychiatry and therapy available for in-person appointments. Our providers will navigate your child’s symptoms and the overall goal for your child. Often medication is not necessary, many alternative options can be utilized prior to starting medication management. Our providers are highly trained in navigating the delicate balance of medications with children and will collaborate with families to ensure the plan is effective. It is our passion to use both integrative treatments along with traditional therapies to address mental health symptoms in children, always considering the whole picture of the child’s health. Children can struggle in many specific areas and left untreated could create a long-lasting impact on their self-esteem. We are passionate that providing quality integrative services to address children’s concerns can be the key to long-lasting results. Some of the most common concerns that children can develop include:

If you are looking for someone who can help you address these issues with your child, it would be our honor to assist you. At Ballen Medical & Wellness, we will work with you and your child personally to develop a treatment plan to address these concerns. We offer both in-person visits as well as Teletherapy.

Testing Is a Critical Component of Child Psychiatry at Ballen 

Often when young children have significant mental health symptoms, it may be beneficial to conduct testing on the child to rule out other medical causes that could be contributing to the child’s symptoms. Although we do not provide testing for children, we can navigate you to the appropriate resources if we believe this is a need for your child. Our providers will do a thorough assessment and communicate the next steps to getting your child the help they need. We are understanding that finding the experts in your child’s specific issues may be the best course of treatment, and we will help guide you through this process. It is important that any testing your child may have participated in be part of our assessment as this is often a critical piece of information used to form an overall care plan.

ADHD Is a Common Concern Among Children and Families 

One of the most common symptoms child psychiatrists see in children is those that appear with ADHD. Children can have a variety of symptoms that may indicate that ADHD could be the source. ADHD can be categorized into two distinct types: The first refers to hyperactive symptoms, with many parents describing their children as though they are being driven by a motor. The second type of ADHD is called the impulsive type, which can cause children to blurt out answers and speak out of turn. It is also possible for children to have symptoms that fall under both categories. ADHD can impact children differently at different ages, and will often affect social relationships, school performance, medical health, and self-esteem. It is important for parents to work with teachers to see if there are symptoms that are showing up both at home and at school, as the treatment can be targeted at reducing the areas your child struggles with the most.

If your child suffers from ADHD, we often combine child psychiatry practices that are both traditional and integrative approaches. There are many alternative options for treatment outside of medication management, and we want to give parents a range of treatment options so they can make the best decision for their child. Our specialized therapists can work with your child to develop coping mechanisms that can reduce symptoms. Some children will eventually grow out of ADHD, but it is important to develop a comprehensive treatment plan so that your child does not develop self-esteem-related issues, as their behavior often creates social stigma. We believe that your child’s challenges do not define them. Empowering both the child and family to find a balance will be a vital piece to success.

Ballen Medical & Wellness Combines Traditional Therapy With Holistic Options 

One of the major benefits of working with Ballen Medical & Wellness is that we combine traditional therapy and cutting-edge medical treatments with holistic treatment options. Our goal is to give you as many choices as possible, allowing you to customize your treatment option to meet your needs. We can even help parents and children who are having issues adjusting to school. We have a team of psychotherapists that can work with the family independently and each person individually. We will also work closely with parents and the local education system to get children the help they need.

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