Your team’s well-being is a great investment

Show your team their well-being is your number one priority with executive wellness treatments that fight burnout, stress, and more.

Reduce your team’s stress, burnout, and turnover with evidence-based integrative health and wellness

The past few years have been filled with a record number of resignations, many of them fueled by stress and burnout. Issues of salary and other compensation are fading in priority as more and more people seek sustainable work conditions that foster mental and physical well-being. This type of turnover is hard for large companies to weather, but it’s even more catastrophic for small businesses.

Fortunately, focusing on the well-being of your team isn’t just the right thing to do: it also pays massive dividends in the form of better morale, enhanced performance, greater productivity, and reduced turnover.

Designed to help Denver small businesses thrive

At Ballen Medical & Wellness, we’re proud to offer meaningful support to local small businesses. Our Executive Wellness program features results-driven, integrative health and wellness options that add unique value to your executive level total compensation packages.

This streamlined version of our services is designed to support and protect your organization while offering the most advanced, effective care options for your team.

Tiered, volume-based discounts on the latest in integrative treatment

Our executive wellness programs can include options such as:

  • Cutting-edge NAD+ therapy to fight brain fog and boost memory and focus
    IV infusion therapy and nutrient optimization to recover from burnout, stress, and fatigue
  • IV infusions and nutrient optimization to boost immunity and reduce inflammation, reducing sick days and increasing long-term health
  • Physical optimization plans to aid sports performance and physical recovery
  • Talk therapy for executives as well as their spouses and children (subject to availability)
  • Couples and family therapy and counseling (subject to availability)

To help protect both employer and employees, our package does not include medication management or hormone replacement therapies. However, employees may utilize these services independently at our center.

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Why is an executive wellness program so crucial for your small business?

From anxiety and stress to burnout, mental health issues take a huge toll on employee productivity, morale, and workplace satisfaction. Here’s some recent statistics:

  • Depression and anxiety cost the global economy $1 trillion per year in lost productivity (Source: World Health Organization)
  • According to Deloitte, almost 70% of executives across the US, Canada, England, and Australia are “seriously considering” quitting their jobs in favor of a job that better supports their well-being. (Source: Deloitte)
  • 82% of C-suite executives and 62% of employees would be more likely to stay with their current company if it better supported their well-being. 
  • For every $1 invested in common mental health issues in the workplace, there’s a $4 return in improved health and productivity. (Source: World Health Organization)

Fortunately, resources devoted to executive wellness programs can greatly reduce rates of burnout and turnover while making a big impact in the well-being, job satisfaction, and productivity of employees.

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