COVID-19 Office Testing Denver, CO

Businesses and employers can play a key role in preventing and slowing the spread of SARS-CoV-2 within the workplace. As businesses begin to open up and employees return to work offices, it is important that employers are educated on how COVID-19 spreads in the workplace. Person-to-person transmission, close contact, airborne transmission, and contaminated surfaces are the most common ways the virus spreads. Ballen Medical and Wellness is doing our part to keep office spaces safe by offering PCR COVID-19 Tests, the most accurate tests on the market. Our registered nurses can set up in your office space, and test employees on the spot. While community testing sites and local health departments are doing their best to make COVID-19 tests readily available, the wait time for testing and results can pose problems for employees trying to get back into the office. Ballen Medical and Wellness offers same-day appointments, no lines, and results within 24-36 hours.

Keeping Employees Safe

As employees begin to re-enter office spaces, it’s vital that worksites identify COVID-19 risks and prevention strategies, even before having a sick or exposed worker. One sick employee could put several employees out of the office or workplace for weeks.  Employers should follow recommendations provided by the CDC ensuring that: 

  • Workers wear employer approved face masks or cloth face coverings 
  • Workers can practice social distancing or employ engineering solutions if that is not possible 
  • Employers provide products and facilities for worker hygiene 
  • Maintain a healthy work environment by cleaning and disinfecting workplace/stations at frequent intervals 

Office Testing Procedure

A report on remote work productivity coined the term “productivity tax”, depicting the drop in employee productivity outside of the office. It’s important for businesses to return to the workplace in a safe and productive manner. COVID-19 office testing is a safe way for employers and workers to keep each other, their families, and their communities safe. 

Ballen Medical and Wellness offers same-day appointments for on-site PCR COVID-19 Testing. Our Registered Nurses will set up a safe, on-site pop-up testing center, where we can test up to 20 patients per hour. Because we work through a private laboratory, we can have test results back to you in between 24-36 hours. Working from home due to illness or scares is costing offices a steep price. For $150 per PCR test, employers can ensure the safety and continued productivity of their workers. 

Office Testing Could Not Be Easier

Many offices have taken advantage of our service and created a safe work environment for their employees and their families. Avoid employee absences and workplace outbreaks by scheduling workplace testing today!

  • Our registered nurses set up a safe in-office testing center 
  • $150 per PCR COVID-19 Test
  • Results between 24-36 hours
  • Avoid long lines and wait time for test results
  • Keep employees and their families safe 

Schedule Office Testing Today!

It is of great importance that we all remain vigilant in the fight against the spread of COVID-19. We recognize the importance of having employees return to the office, safely. Ballen Medical and Wellness is doing its part by offering COVID-19 office testing. For just $150, you can book a same-day appointment, get your employees tested, and get results back by the next day.  We guarantee our patients a safe, private, and nurturing testing environment. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment for yourself or your workplace, give us a call at (303) 880-8300, fill out the form below or visit our infusion suite in Centennial, CO, just south of Denver.