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Divorce is one of life’s most trying experiences, that can be painful for everyone involved–children, in-laws, relatives, and friends. It is estimated by the American Psychological Association that just short of 50% of marriages end in divorce. While common, divorce requires legal, emotional, and logistical difficulties that are undeniably demanding. You may not have lived life as a single person or single parent in a long time. Life at the moment might feel painful and uncertain. Divorce counseling is about learning the tools you need to move on in your life, in a positive way. Whether you are in the pre-divorce or post-divorce stages, our office is a safe space for you and your family members to begin healing.

Emotional Stages of Divorce

The pain that divorce brings is often compared to the loss of a loved one, much like death. There are several stages of the grieving process, each sparking its own set of unique challenges. Our psychotherapist, addiction specialist, and divorce counselor, Kelley Brown, LPC, LAC, helps patients navigate the emotional stages of divorce. Some of these stages can include denial, pain and uncertainty, anger, bargaining, guilt, depression, and acceptance. It’s important to give yourself time to grieve the loss of your partner, but you are not meant to tackle this all on your own. 

Divorce brings many challenges that you may not have lived or experienced yet. Life transitions can throw you for a loop, and can often lead to anxiety, depression, and addiction. Divorce can have crippling effects on all aspects of your life, from emotional well-being to physical health. Our divorce counselor will help teach you coping skills through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) so that you are better equipped to deal with the emotional pain of divorce. It is common for people to isolate and turn to substances after a divorce. Starting a new life can be intimidating and scary. You may not know where to begin. Divorce counseling can play a significant role in your healing process.

Denver Divorce Counseling

Divorce counseling can be beneficial not only by helping you work through the stages of divorce but by teaching you coping skills necessary for handling the pain and grief that comes with divorce. These coping skills can be used and applied to many other aspects of life. Counseling can also help you understand the root cause of why the relationship failed, to prevent the same dynamics, mistakes, and relationship problems from happening again. Finally, at Ballen Medical and Wellness, we take a holistic approach to all aspects of health. We can offer tips on diet, exercise, and nutrition, talk therapy, group therapy, IV Treatments, and addiction, so you and your family members can find healing.

Our divorce counselor, Kelley Brown, LPC, LAC has been a therapist for over 20 years, working with families in addiction and families in transitions like divorce. She brings to the table maturity as a licensed professional counselor and licensed addiction counselor, and relatability as an empty nester and divorced parent. Along with individual divorce counseling, here are some other programs we offer at Ballen Medical and Wellness that can be beneficial for someone going  through a divorce:

Is Divorce Counseling Right for me?

No two divorces are the same. Everyone comes to the table with a lifetime of experiences, traumas, and concerns. These feelings are normal and natural, as any divorce, especially with children involved, can lead to uncertainty about what comes next. Listed below are some common symptoms that might indicate that professional help might be right for you:

  • Chronic depression 
  • Uncontrollable or intense anger/rage
  • Social isolation
  • Self-loathing or feeling unworthy of love and happiness
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Anxiety that interferes with everyday activities

Navigating the divorce process, especially on your own, is incredibly difficult. Our therapist recognizes that oftentimes, the man is the forgotten one in a divorce, and she specializes in helping men through this process. Divorce counseling can help you rediscover who you are without your partner and build your new identity so you can create a fulfilling future and life. Whether you are struggling with relationship trauma, the grieving stages of divorce, divorce-related addiction, or redefining your life and purpose post-divorce, Ballen Medical and Wellness has something for you. 

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