New 8am Appointments with Lead Therapist Cynthia McKay


New 8am Appointments with Lead Therapist Cynthia McKay

If you prefer your therapy sessions in the morning before work, we have great news.

Our lead therapist Cynthia McKay, JD, MA, LAC, MFT has a new daily session available from 8am-9am, Tuesday-Friday.

Cynthia’s a warm, highly compassionate clinical psychotherapist as well as an addiction counselor. She helps with everything from general psychological and relationship concerns to addiction treatment for patients as well as their families. She also does trauma-informed systemic psychotherapy.

Known for her amazing quotes — as well as being highly quotable herself — Cynthia often appears as an expert in major magazines and websites and even has her pilot license. We especially recommend Cynthia if you’ve had trouble getting what you need from therapy in the past.

Some of the many reasons patients see Cynthia include:

  • Depression, Anxiety & PTSD
  • Drug & Alcohol Counseling
  • Addiction Treatment (for patients as well as their partners and families)
  • Grief & Trauma
  • Therapy for Adults, Couples & Families
  • CBT
  • Marriage & Family Counseling
  • Divorce & Post-Divorce Therapy
  • Co-Occurring Disorders

If you have any questions about Cynthia or would like to schedule an initial session with her, please give us a call during office hours at (720)698-9006. You can also schedule online here via ZocDoc.

Please note: These sessions are available both in-person and remote, though if you’re seeing Cynthia for the first time we prefer your initial session is in person.

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