Liz Reece

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Liz Reece

Executive Director

Elizabeth Reece, RN, BSN, and Executive Director, comes from a tiny city but her large personality and experience are a perfect fit for the big dreams of Ballen Medical and Wellness/ Colorado Recovery Infusion Center. As an eight-year-old girl in her small town, Blair, Oklahoma, Liz dreamed of becoming a nurse. Liz has centered her entire life and career around helping others and spreading love and compassion to everyone. Liz holds a bachelor’s in Biology and Public Health (Armstrong State University) as well as a Bachelor of Science and Nursing (University of Oklahoma) which has enabled her to magnify her potential for helping others. “Live in Love” is her life motto and she fully believes you cannot know what someone is going through unless you walk in their shoes.

Liz spent the last ten years working as a nurse in a hospital ICU. She has always felt strongly about working in a field that she is passionate about and truly believes in the benefit it can provide the world. Constantly continuing her education and furthering her development in the healthcare industry, Liz became fascinated with the power behind holistic and natural treatments. Liz surrendered to the universe and as the stars aligned, she found Ballen Medical and Wellness/Colorado Recovery and Infusion Center. Liz is excited to use her nursing and administrative skills to help lead her team and guide patients in finding individualize and holistic treatment for their specific needs.

Liz is a mother of seven children, two dogs, two cats, and a lizard. She enjoys snowboarding and backpacking in the great wilderness as well as exposing her kids to the experience of nature at its finest. In the same vein that Liz approaches her career, she also approaches motherhood; she loves being a mom and considers it the most powerful part of who she is, who she wants to be, and how she grows as an individual. When Liz is not running a business or taking care of her clan, she can be found by herself at a restaurant enjoying the peace of solitude.

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