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Mental Health

We offer an integrative approach to mental health and wellness, combining traditional psychiatric medicine and holistic alternatives to create overall health and well-being.

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From intravenous infusion therapy to massage and guided meditation, we can provide relief from depression and addiction while boosting your energy, immune function.

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Holistic Programs

Our integrative approach combines traditional psychiatric medicine and psychotherapy with holistic alternatives such as IV infusion therapy, massage therapy, and guided meditation.

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Beth Ballen, MD

Integrative Psychiatry for all ages

Dr. Ballen’s integrative approach to medicine combines conventional therapy and medication management with holistic alternatives. She prides herself on investigating and addressing the root cause of symptoms, as opposed to just treating the symptoms themselves.

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Psychiatry & Counseling Team

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Kelley Brown, LPC, LAC

Psychotherapist, Addiction Specialist

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Leslie Vannucci, NP

Medication Management, Family Psychiatry

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Deede Amhowitz, MA, MFT

CBT, DBT, Psychotherapy For Individuals, Couples & Groups

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Taylor M. Hall, M.S., CMFC, NLC, LPCC

Psychotherapist, Couples & Family Counselor

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November 2018 Newsletter!

Welcome to the November edition of our integrative mental health & wellness & IV therapy newsletter! If you’d like to receive this newsletter via email each month, please sign up for our email list here! 

Celebrate National Relaxation Day With Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation

For those that aren&#8217;t familiar with Yoga Nidra, it&#8217;s an ancient form of guided meditation that&#8217;s doesn&#8217;t require any training, hard work, or special ability to focus or clear your mind. Participants simply lie down and listen, usually reaching a &hellip; <a href="https://ballenmedical.com/">Continued</a>

Fighting Stress & Inflammation With Food

An interview with Master Nutritional Therapist Christine Battista, CNTP, MNT From relaxing with teas and supplements to fighting inflammation, nutrition plays a vital role in either combatting or accelerating the negative effects of stress on our bodies. We caught up &hellip; <a href="https://ballenmedical.com/">Continued</a>

Free Parenting Class – Last Chance For Sign-Up!

Starting next Wednesday, February 22nd, Ballen Medical &amp; Wellness is pleased to offer a new 10-week filial therapy group as part of our recent expansion of child and teen therapy services. Working in a supportive atmosphere with other caregivers, you’ll gain all &hellip; <a href="https://ballenmedical.com/">Continued</a>