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Our integrative approach helps you achieve new levels of relief, well-being, performance, and more — even in complex cases where results have been difficult to achieve.

Beth Ballen, MD

Integrative Psychiatry for All Ages

Dr. Ballen is one of Denver’s preeminent integrative mental health experts. Many of her success stories are complex cases where patients have tried different options — sometimes for years — but can’t find treatment that brings enough relief or results. This includes patients with co-occurring symptoms such as depression and addiction, as well as patients who’ve had difficulty finding an accurate diagnosis.


Our Services

How can our team help you?

These are just some of the conditions we can help with. For more treatments
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Psychiatry & Counseling

Depression & Anxiety
Medication Management
PTSD & Complex PTSD
Couples & Family Counseling
Trauma & Complex Trauma
Grief Counseling
Divorce Counseling
Addiction & Substance Recovery

IV Therapy

NAD+ for Wellness
Long Covid Protocols
Ketamine For Depression, Anxiety & PTSD
Stress & Inflammation
Immune Support
Brain Fog & Clarity
Athletic Recovery
Anti-Aging (Mitochondrial Health)
Headaches & Pain Management
Alcohol & Opioid Detox
Neural Restoration from Addiction

Integrative Wellness

Long Covid Syndrome
Hormone Replacement
Thyroid Treatment
Women’s Health
Sports Performance
Gut-Brain Health
Corporate Wellness
Nutrient Optimization
Sleep Disorders

Meet Our Team

Psychiatry & Counseling Team

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Hormone, Thyroid & Nutrient Optimization, Long Covid
Integrative Psychiatry for Adults & Adolescents (15+)
Therapy for Adults, Couples & Families
Drug and Alcohol Counseling
Depression, Anxiety & PTSD
Therapy for Adults & Couples Self-Actualization Therapy
Grief, Trauma & CPTSD

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