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Welcome to Ballen Medical & Wellness. We’re an integrative mental health and IV therapy center founded by one of Denver’s leading integrative psychiatrists, Beth Ballen, MD.  Our warm, caring team combines traditional mental health care like psychiatry, medication management, and talk therapy with holistic alternatives and integrative wellness programs.

Group photo of the psychiatry, counseling, and IV infusion team at integrative mental health center Ballen Medical & Wellness in Denver, Colorado.

Our team of integrative psychiatric practitioners, therapists, and IV infusion nurses is based in Centennial, CO, just minutes from the Denver tech center.

We’re Ballen Medical & Wellness, and we’re honored to help you and your loved ones on your journey of health and wellness.

We know you have many other options for care, so we’re grateful for the chance to serve you.

We promise when you come here that we will do our best to listen to you, with empathy and respect — and without judgement or shame.

We promise we will try our hardest to make you feel seen, heard, and held during our time with you.

You deserve nothing less for showing the courage to seek help and open yourself up to the pain of change. Change is never easy, whether that’s facing complex trauma from your past or simply dealing with the anxiety and fear of trying an unfamiliar new treatment like ketamine therapy.

There are no real secrets to what we do.

There’s only many years of hard-won experience and knowledge, tempered with the humbleness to keep open minds — and keep learning about new research, new evidence, and new answers.

And perhaps most importantly, there’s the passion (and sometimes stubbornness) to fight as hard as we need to in order to help guide you from where you are today to where you’d like to be tomorrow.

Our integrative and holistic approach has helped thousands of patients discover true healing, wellness, and peak performance since 2008, and it would be our honor to try and bring you better days.

And we promise you, no matter where you are — no matter how small or big your challenges may be — better days are always possible when you have the courage to look for them. We’re here to make them a little easier to find.

Yours in healing,
The Team at Ballen Medical & Wellness

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We realize there’s a lot to learn when you’re looking for a new provider or treatment. Call us at (720)222-0550 and we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.  Visit our contact page for more options.

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Integrative Mental Health

We have a trauma-informed team of integrative psychiatry practitioners, psychotherapists, and counselors available to help with adults, couples & families — as well as children, adolescents & teens.

Advanced IV Therapy

NAD+ IV infusion bag with labeling for Ballen Medical & Wellness Denver infusion center

Whether you’re looking to treat depression, reach peak physical and mental performance, or heal from illness, let our experienced IV nursing team guide you with a personalized, evidence-based infusion program that produces results.

Integrative Wellness Programs

Reach your health and wellness goals faster with evidence-based integrative wellness programs to help you feel better and perform better.


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