Denver IV Ketamine for Fast Relief from Depression, Anxiety and PTSD

Get the relief you deserve at Denver’s longest running ketamine clinic. Our integrative approach can help you get better fast and enjoy life again.

Get safe, gentle, and effective ketamine infusion therapy at Denver's longest-running ketamine clinic

Women-owned, trauma-informed, and armed with an integrative approach that helps you get the most from ketamine therapy

At Ballen Medical & Wellness, we’re not just an IV therapy center or limited-service ketamine clinic. We’re integrative mental health specialists and experts in the holistic treatment of depression, anxiety, PTSD, complex trauma, and most other psychiatric conditions.

After all, you’re not coming to our center just for ketamine — you’re coming to heal and to grow, to find hope, and to feel more like yourself again. These results are entirely possible for most of the patients that walk through our door — and they’re even more likely when ketamine is part of larger plan that looks at all components of your mental health and wellness.

Our integrative approach gives you the best chances for successful healing

At our center, we’ve helped more than 9 out of 10 patients experience relief and therapeutic breakthroughs.

The industry average of ketamine treatment success is between 70-80%, but we have over a 90% success rate. We credit this higher rate of success to our integrative approach as well as our dedication to optimizing the results of your treatment.

Our team includes some of the most caring, experienced nurses you can find in Denver, but it also includes experts in integrative mental health — from psychiatry and psychotherapy to hormones, nutrition, and more.

Medium shot of Dr. Beth Ballen, integrative psychiatrist, leaning against an exterior wall of integrative wellness center.
Beth Ballen, MD, integrative psychiatrist and founder of Ballen Medical & Wellness
"The depression lifted in the first few doses. Five plus years in, I’m a completely different person that loves life in every way."

— Rob N., Denver (Real patient of Ballen Medical & Wellness)


What our patients say about us

Is ketamine infusion therapy right for you?

Here are some of the most common reasons our patients choose ketamine to fight depression:

  • If you need relief faster than the weeks or months of depression medication trials
  • If you’re incapable of functioning and need prompt relief
  • If you’ve had depression for a substantial length of time and other medications have not been effective
  • If you’re experiencing suicidal thoughts or severe, unremitting depression such as Major Depressive Disorder
  • If your current depression medication has ceased helping you
  • If you’re experiencing postpartum depression, or an episode of bipolar depression
  • As a temporary bridge of relief while depression medication takes effect
  • As a maintenance program to support or replace other treatment options
"After the second day, my son was calmer and less agitated. By the third infusion, it was as if this horribly dark cloud lifted that had been following him around for months. He went to lunch with us for the first time in quite a while and was actually smiling. It felt like we were witnessing a miracle, literally. He was in the depths of darkness and you pulled him out"

— H.S., Denver (Real patient of Ballen Medical & Wellness)

Anxious about ketamine treatment?

We realize getting started with ketamine treatment can be intimidating. Make it easy to learn more with a free no-pressure consultation with our ketamine care team. Just pick a time on our calendar or call us at (720)222-0550.

Are we the right Denver ketamine treatment center for you?

We’ve spent over 11 years optimizing the ketamine experience we provide to you, from private treatment suites to special music designed just for psychedelic medicine. 
If any of these describe you, we may be the perfect ketamine treatment provider for you:
  • You’re new to ketamine therapy and want an experienced team to guide you. We excel at educating and supporting patients through this unique process.
  • You’ve tried ketamine but weren’t happy with your prior experience or results. We specialize in a high level of personalized care as well as treating complex cases.
  • You want to reduce reliance on psychiatric medications. We can discuss integrating ketamine and/or holistic options to meet your goals.
  • You have co-occurring mental health disorders and require a knowledgable mental health specialist to guide your care. As an integrative mental health center, our team is able to address the full spectrum of your needs.
  • You’d like to make ketamine part of a larger integrative or holistic plan of care. Our team can provide a full spectrum of mental health and wellness services to optimize your ketamine program, from integrative psychiatry and medication management to psychotherapy, addiction counseling, hormone replacement treatment, and nutrient optimization. We also have a full IV therapy suite featuring NAD+, ozone blood therapy, high-dose vitamin C, and other advanced infusion protocols.

How much does ketamine treatment cost?

Please note: In order to make ketamine infusion treatment more accessible, we have new ketamine financing payment plans available at 0% interest and no fees. Call us or schedule a consultation here for details.

Ketamine Infusions: Our current price for individual infusions is $440 but we offer lower rates of $415-$430 per infusion through our pre-paid packages.

Initial Medical Evaluations (30 minutes): Please note all ketamine treatment requires a one-time medical evaluation for $150. This includes a half-hour visit with a prescribing NP or MD to make sure that this will be a safe treatment for you with a high likelihood of effectiveness.

Integrative Medical Evaluations (60 minutes): We also offer a full integrative evaluation if you’d like to go deeper and explore making ketamine treatment part of a holistic plan with medication management and other supporting therapies. This longer evaluation is an additional $150. This longer evaluation is also needed if you’d like medication management services along with your ketamine treatment or if you have a complex medical history that requires more in-depth discussion.

Ketamine Infusion Packages

Enjoy $25 off per infusion when you pre-pay for an initial series of 6-9 infusions:

  • 6 Infusions $415 per infusion ($2490 total)
  • 9 Sessions — $415 per infusion ($3870 total)

Please note: You are welcome to bring an outside therapist, ketamine guide, or sitter to your sessions in our private ketamine suites. There is no additional charge for this. Ask us for details when you book your session.

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy Packages

If you’d like to incorporate psychotherapy and integration work into your treatment, we offer a discounted Ketamine-Assisted Therapy Package (Pre-Paid) with our psychotherapist Taylor M. Hall, M.S., CMFC, LPC:

  • 6 IV ketamine infusion sessions in your own private ketamine suite — $390 per infusion
  • 4 one-hour psychotherapy sessions — $165 per session
  • Total package: $3000 ($300 savings)

"Life has its ups and downs, but your life shouldn't feel uphill every day." — Beth Ballen, MD

Meet Our Prescribers & Ketamine Infusion Team

If you’d like to see our full team, please visit our team page.

Integrative Psychiatrist & Founder
Integrative Psychiatry for Adults & Teens, IV Infusion Therapy
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Integrative Psychiatry for Adults & Teens
Integrative Nurse Practitioner
Hormone, Thyroid & Nutrient Optimization, Women's Health

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Enjoy a free no-pressure chat with our ketamine care team. Just pick a time on our calendar or call us at (720)222-0550.


Do ketamine infusions work as well as oral ketamine pills, nasal ketamine spray, and IM ketamine injections?

Yes, most experts consider IV ketamine infusions to be the gold standard in administering this life-changing medication. Infusions allow a much deeper, more dissociative, and more introspective experience than nasal sprays or oral forms of ketamine. Even though ketamine isn’t technically a psychedelic medicine, it is often grouped with other psychedelics because of the experience that infusions (and also IM injections) can provide.

One key advantage of infusions is that they allow us to adjust the speed at which you receive ketamine in the middle of a session. Infusions can even be paused or diluted with additional fluids if the experience feels too intense. Because of this flexibility, infusions ensure the experience isn’t too strong or too weak. With pills, nasal sprays, and even injections, it isn’t possible to reduce or increase the rate and intensity during a treatment, which can lead to experiences that are too intense or not intense enough for many patients’ preferences. It should also be noted that both infusions and IM injections allow you to absorb higher dosages than pills and nasal sprays can provide.

Another important thing to consider in deciding which treatment is right for you is that pills and nasal sprays do not provide the more profound, dissociative experience that many patients prefer. There is even evidence-based ketamine research that shows this dissociative experience may help the antidepressant effects of ketamine last longer.

How many treatments are needed?

Usually 6-9 infusions are recommended, along with periodic maintenance infusions. Some patients choose ketamine to replace their traditional depression medication altogether, which might require more frequent maintenance infusions. 

How much does IV ketamine therapy cost?

We currently offer IV Ketamine infusions for $390-$440 per infusion depending on whether you receive it as part of a package or as a standalone infusion. You can see our full IV menu for pricing on all of our infusions and injections.

Do you accept insurance for ketamine infusions?

Ballen Medical & Wellness is a cash pay clinic and does not accept insurance, but out-of-network benefits can be applied. Please call us for more details.

What if I already have a therapist?

Many of our ketamine patients have outside therapists. Although we offer psychotherapy and counseling at our center, we often partner with outside therapists to prescribe and provide ketamine for their patients. Please note: You are welcome to bring your therapist to your sessions in our private ketamine suites. Ask us for details.

Will IV ketamine work if I'm already taking oral medication for depression?

Ketamine infusion therapy works both as a standalone treatment and in conjunction with oral depression medication. If you’re already taking an oral medication, we typically have you continue your during your ketamine infusion series though individual cases may vary.

In cases where a previously effective depression medication has ceased working, a ketamine series sometimes helps your medication to work again.

If you haven’t yet started oral medication, ketamine therapy can provide immediate relief to help you while you perform your trials of oral depression medication.

Does ketamine work for anxiety?

Yes. Although the majority of ketamine infusions are for depression, ketamine has also demonstrated highly effective results with severe anxiety. Ketamine can also be very effective when both severe anxiety and depression are present together.

During your in-person evaluation, we can determine whether you’re a good candidate for ketamine, or if another therapy might be more appropriate for you. Our center offers a full spectrum of traditional prescription medicine as well as many holistic options to help with anxiety.

What else does ketamine help with?

In addition to treating depression and anxiety, IV ketamine can also help with:

  • Pain Relief
  • PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • CPTSD (Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • OCD
  • Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS)
  • End-of-life anxiety
  • Fibromyalgia

If you’re unsure whether ketamine is right for you, please call us to schedule a complimentary phone consultation.

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