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with specialty lab testing

At Ballen Medical & Wellness, we utilize multiple types of labs to develop a personalized plan of care for you. Most of these lab tests are done by getting blood taken in our clinic.


Tempus is a next generation pharmacogenetics test (PGx) we use to help provide you with personalized psychiatric care and make more informed treatment decisions based on your individual genetic makeup. Tempus helps us understand how your body might respond and process different psychiatric medications based on your genes and gives us a list of which medications would work best for you. The test is administered in our office, and works by collecting a saliva sample.

Food Sensitivity

We utilize multiple types of labs to research patients’ optimal nutritional needs and nutritional intolerances. We can run a complete food sensitivity panel or individualize it to certain foods. This can help determine if particular foods may be causing anxiety, depression, lethargy, and many other chronic symptoms. With these food sensitivity results, we create a supplement and infusion plan to help patients reach their optimal wellness goals. This can be tailored to those looking for sports optimization, weight loss, and overall wellness. These tests help guide care in those with gluten intolerance, absorption issues, autoimmune disease, depression, anxiety, MTHFR mutation, IBS, and many others.


We utilize G6PD test to determine if a patient is a candidate for high dose vitamin C infusions, this is the gold standard lab for determining the safety of doing high dose vitamin C infusions. We use high dose vitamin C to help patients with many disease processes such as cancer, autoimmune disease, and immunity support. The G6PD lab is necessary for anyone receiving more than 10g of Vitamin C in an infusion. Our High Dose Vitamin C infusions range from 15g to 100g of Vitamin C in one sitting, this lab is necessary to keep you safe while getting High Dose Vitamin C infusions.


We can do the blood test to help determine if you are one of the many with MTHFR gene mutation, this helps us determine if you need a specialized program to increase your health-related deficiency in Vitamin B and folate absorption. We will suggest treatments, supplements, and diet to help you feel your best. MTHFR is so common, with this simple test, you can learn the best ways to combat the symptoms.

Basic Labs

We are able to do all basic labs such as Basic Blood Count (CBC), Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP), Liver function panel, Vitamin D levels, etc… We can use the labs to help guide your care in overall wellness.

Many times, depression and anxiety are related to nutritional and vitamin deficiencies. For those suffering from depression and anxiety and utilizing our ketamine infusion program, we believe that looking into key laboratory data may help you achieve results faster.
We use many of our basic labs to guide those through our NAD addiction plan. We will monitor your liver function, hydration, and electrolytes to safely guide patients through our addiction recovery program. Laboratory data helps us optimize patients’ treatment plans while battling chronic disease, cancer, environmental toxin exposure, and addiction recovery.

Hormone Labs

We can run a hormone panel that will help us determine if your hormones are causing a decline in wellness. This panel will test estrogen, testosterone, thyroid, and other basic labs. If a hormone imbalance exists, we can help patients balance their system by utilizing appropriate treatments. Many of us suffer from low libido, fatigue, soreness, overall lack of motivation. 

After doing our hormone panel, we can determine if our bioidentical hormone replacement is right for you. This treatment more effective and has fewer side effects than other hormone replacement options. We will make sure hormone replacement is safe for the patient, walk them through hormone replacement options and explain what to expect when thinking about hormone replacement.

Stress Hormones

When our body is stressed, we experience a spike in cortisol, and our health declines. This leads to weight gain, lethargy, anxiety, and an overall decrease in health. Unfortunately stress is relentless in today’s society, and many times our lab data shows this. We can do multiple lab studies to determine if you are in an adrenal crisis from chronic stress, then develop a step-by-step care plan to reduce your stress response. We can tailor a plan to include lifestyle changes, supplements, IV therapy, and other holistic treatments. Our NAD+, Immune Booster, and Myers Cocktail IV infusions are particularly helpful in helping to reduce the harmful effects of chronic stress on your body.

Heavy Metal Toxicity

We can utilize our heavy metal lab testing to guide patients who have had exposure and side effects from heavy metal exposure.

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