New Ketamine Infusion Financing Options for Denver This Holiday Season

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New Ketamine Infusion Financing Options for Denver This Holiday Season

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The holiday season can be a time of great joy and celebration, but it can also be one of the most difficult times for our mental health.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce new flexible payment plans for ketamine therapy and last-minute appointments throughout December.

The Importance of Self-Care During Holidays

The holidays can often lead to increased stress, anxiety, and even depression. Even if we love this time of year, there’s often stress from family dynamics, travel, and all the additional financial and social commitments.

Self-care is even more crucial during times like these, but often we end up showing up for everyone in our lives except ourselves.

This is where ketamine can be helpful for many patients. No other current medical treatment works as rapidly or effectively as ketamine therapy for the flare-ups of depression, anxiety, stress, PTSD, and addiction we may experience at this time.

At our clinic we see over 90% of depression patients report substantial improvements, even in cases when traditional antidepressants have failed.


How Can Ketamine Infusions Help You With Self-Care During the Holidays?

The unique therapeutic properties of ketamine make it perfectly suited to combat many of the exact challenges to self-care and wellness that arise during the holiday period.

Here’s how ketamine infusions can help you during this time:
  • Relieves Stress and Anxiety: Holidays often exacerbate stress and anxiety. Ketamine provides effective, rapid relief of symptoms, helping you better handle financial, family, social stresses.
  • Improves Mood and Motivation: Fatigue, seasonal depression, loss of motivation impact many this time of year. Ketamine lifts mood, restores energy and drive within hours or days.
  • Targets Trauma and PTSD: Spending more time with family or crowds can trigger trauma sufferers. Ketamine helps process trauma, reduces flashbacks and stress reactions.
  • Boosts Focus and Resilience: With schedules packed, ketamine enhances mental focus and clarity, while building resilience against setbacks or complications.
  • Promotes Deep Rest and Relaxation: Ketamine sessions induce a peaceful, psychedelic state allowing the mind to relax, reset, and destress in a transformative way.


Let’s Make It Easier to Get Started With IV Ketamine Treatment During the Holidays

Don’t Put Off Your Self-Care Until January

At Ballen Medical & Wellness, we see a lot of patients try to postpone their self-care until some time in the new year, but we’d rather see you thriving in January — not struggling to play catch up. So in addition to our usual free consultations, we’re also offering:

1. Last-Minute Ketamine Appointments

We’ve added extra slots for last-minute ketamine appointments, including same-day and next day appointments in many cases (subject to availability).

2. Free Medical Evaluations with Pre-Paid Infusion Packages

For those of you who prefer a pre-pay discount, we’re offering free initial medical evaluations at no extra charge (a savings of $150) when you sign up for one of our 6-infusion or 9-infusion pre-paid ketamine packages.

3. New Ketamine Infusion Payment Plans with 0% Financing
And perhaps the biggest news — we’re offering ketamine financing plans with no interest and no additional fees.

These plans extend payments over 4 months to make ketamine infusion treatment more accessible and easier to manage financially.

Have any questions about our new payment plans — or about ketamine therapy in general? Call us today at (720)222-0550 or click here to schedule a free no-pressure 15-minute consultation.
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What Are Real Patients Saying About Ketamine Infusion Treatment?

Here’s what a real patient of ours had to share about ketamine infusions recently:
“I knew that ketamine infusions would rapidly cure my situation. What I didn’t know was how long it would last.” — Ryan Riggs, Denver, CO Ryan’s words echo the sentiments of many who have found a new lease on life through ketamine therapy. Even people who’ve devoted their life to mental health have been overwhelmed at this breakthrough discovery:
  • In 2016, Dr. Thomas Insel, then head of the National Institute of Mental Health, described ketamine as “the most important breakthrough in antidepressant treatment in decades.”
  • In a 2017 PBS special on ketamine and depression, Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman, chairman of psychiatry at Columbia University, called ketamine the “single most important discovery in the last half century regarding clinical neuroscience.”

So how does ketamine actually work?

Ketamine works by gently nudging your brain’s natural healing mechanisms, specifically the NMDA receptor involved in mood regulation. By slowing down glutamate activity and boosting other brain chemicals like BDNF, ketamine promotes brain flexibility, allowing new connections to form and reducing inflammation. This translates to a clearer mind, a lifted mood, and a reduction in symptoms from conditions like depression, anxiety, and PTSD. So, this holiday season, consider giving yourself the gift of mental well-being with ketamine therapy.

What can you expect during a ketamine infusion session?

A ketamine infusion session is a comfortable and safe experience designed to be as relaxing as possible. You may experience vivid imagery, deeper access to memories, and profound insights — or you may just have a calm, grounded feeling throughout your session. No two people have the exact same experience, and even your own experiences will differ from session. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of what to expect:
As your infusion begins:
  • Preparing: You’ll get settled into a comfortable reclining chair, and provided with eyeshades and headphones. This is a good time to reflect on your intentions for the session, and let your IV nurse know if there’s anything you need. We’re here to make your experience as safe, comfortable and effortless as possible.
  • Getting started: The infusion begins by placing a small IV line in your arm. This is by one of our Registered Nurses (RNs), and the process is quick and relatively painless.
During the infusion:
  • The infusion itself: The ketamine will be slowly administered through the IV over about 50 minutes. You’ll be closely monitored by our medical staff during this time, but you’ll be barely know they’re there as they let you focus on experiencing the inner journey.
  • Music: Through our partnership with Wavepaths, we provide special music that’s been designed to enhance your ketamine experience.
  • Relaxation and introspection: As the ketamine is infused through the IV, you’ll gradually start to feel its dissociative effects. Many people describe feeling relaxed, introspective, or even euphoric during the infusion.
  • Sensory experiences: Some people report feeling sensations like warmth, tingling, or lightheadedness. Sensations of floating, drifting, or detaching from your body are also common. These feelings are all normal and temporary. You may also experience mild visual distortions, which should also subside as the ketamine leaves your system.
After the infusion:
  • Rest and recovery: You’ll rest comfortably for about 30 minutes before going home. If you need longer, that’s okay — you’re welcome to stay as long as you need to. It’s recommended to have a friend or family member to drive you home, as you shouldn’t drive for 24 hours after a session.
  • Integration and reflection: You may experience emotional processing or insights after the infusion. Talking with a therapist can help you integrate these experiences into your life.
Additional Tips:
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing.
  • Eat a light meal beforehand, but avoid heavy foods or alcohol.
  • Be open to the experience and let yourself relax.

Why choose ketamine therapy at Ballen Medical & Wellness?

•    Pioneers in Denver: We’ve been offering ketamine infusions since 2012, making us Denver’s longest-running ketamine clinic and the first to bring this breakthrough treatment to the area. •    Proven Results: Over 90% of our depression patients report significant improvements, even if traditional antidepressants haven’t worked for them. Our extensive experience as well as our integrative approach has helped us optimize the way we provide this medicine over the years. •    Expert Care from Mental Health Specialists: Our team of compassionate and experienced mental health professionals will guide you every step of the way, from your initial consultation to your post-treatment integration. We are not a clinic run by anesthesiologists — we’re an integrative mental health center with a background in both traditional psychiatry and supporting holistic options. •    Patient-Centered Integrative Approach: We believe in treating the whole person, not just the symptoms. That’s why we offer a range of integrative services, including medication management, psychotherapy, IV therapy, and more, to support your journey to well-being. Most importantly, each plan is personalized to your goals, preferences, and values.

Ready to prioritize your mental health and start the new year on a positive note?

Hopefully our new payment plans make ketamine therapy more accessible and easier to manage for you.  We’d love for you to be able to start the new year with the relief and healing you deserve.
Take the Next Step And Schedule Your Free Consultation Today
Schedule a free 15-minute consultation here to learn more about our new ketamine payment options with no interest and no financing charges of any kind. You can also call us at (720)222-0550 to get started.
Have any questions? Call us today at (720)222-0550 or click here to schedule a free no-pressure 15-minute consultation.

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