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“We're not born broken, we break. We go through difficult times but we can heal.” — Monica McIntyre, Clinical Psychotherapist

Integrative Psychiatry & Medication Management

Integrative Psychiatrist & Founder
Integrative Psychiatry for Adults, Children & Adolescents, IV Infusion Therapy
Integrative Nurse Practitioner
Hormone, Thyroid & Nutrient Optimization, Long Covid
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Integrative Psychiatry for Adults & Teens

Psychotherapy & Counseling

Clinical Psychotherapist, Licensed Addiction Counselor
Therapy For Adults, Couples & Families Drug & Alcohol Counseling
Clinical Psychotherapist
Therapy For Adults & Couples

IV Infusion Therapy

Office Management & Patient Care

Finance Manager
Patient Care Coordinator

Danielle Gallegos

Patient Care Coordinator
Medical Assistant

Testimonials from staff

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