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Denver integrative mental health for teens and adolescents

Our integrative approach means that psychiatric medication is only one of many tools we use to help your family feel their best.

Not every teenager or adolescent needs a prescription. We believe in medication only when needed, and only for as long as needed.

As a parent or other caregiver, it’s difficult to see your child struggle and not be able to help. Too often the first solution we turn to is medication, but other options like talk therapy, nutrition, and exercise can be just as important in helping your child feel their best.

Integrative mental health means treating your whole child, not just their symptoms

In many cases, the best approach to care is an integrative one, combining different types of treatment to address your child as a whole person. Their mental, emotional, and physical well-being are all connected, and taking this to heart often means faster, more effective results. 

Here are some of the main ways we provide help for your child, adolescent, or teen:

  • Integrative psychiatry for adolescents and teens
  • Talk therapy & counseling
  • Medication management
  • IV therapy
  • Nutritional supplementation
  • Holistic recommendations

What can we help your teen with?

Our psychiatry and therapy team is experienced with the full spectrum of challenges most teens face. Here are some of the many issues we help treat:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Behavioral issues
  • ADHD
  • Difficulty at school
  • Stress
  • Bullying
  • Parent/Teen relationships
  • Social skills & Communication
  • Divorce
  • Trauma & Complex trauma
  • Sensory processing disorders
  • Low self-esteem
  • High-functioning autism
  • Coping with a death in the family
  • Sexual abuse
  • Adoption/Foster care

Our mental health team for adolescents & teens

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Integrative Psychiatry For Adults & Teens (15+)
Clinical Psychotherapist, Licensed Addiction Counselor
Therapy For Adults, Couples, Families & Teens (ages 15+)

Your teen deserves warm, compassionate care
that’s individualized to meet their needs

Every child is unique in some way, and we center this by creating personalized plans of care. We adjust our approach based on their age, cognitive level, their ability to vocalize their issues, and more. If trauma is involved, we look carefully at all details, including the age the trauma was experienced. 

Our initial evaluation will help us determine an appropriate approach to start with, and every aspect of our plan will be transparent, so that we can make sure we’re meeting your child and your family’s needs, goals, and values, and adjusting as necessary. 

Most importantly, we’ll create an atmosphere of trust and respect where your child and your family feel safe, free from judgment, and deserving of the best care possible.  

“With the internet and social media today, you're not parenting alone. You're parenting with TikTok, you're parenting with Snapchat and a lot of other different forces have become more intrusive in your parenting. It’s confusing because the values at home and the values outside are different.”
— Monica McIntyre, Clinical Psychotherapist

Your teen might have more than one underlying
issue they need help with

Your teen or adolescent probably has more than one symptom, but it’s also possible there’s more than a single cause beneath the challenges they’re facing. For instance, a nutritional deficiency might result in depression, and difficult life events could cause a range of issues, from anxiety to episodes of anger and acting out.

Looking at your child in all their complexity helps us get to the root of their challenges. And some of our treatment options, like coping skills and communication tools, can help your child throughout their lives — not just today.

Your voice matters

From psychiatry to counseling, all of our treatments are done in close collaboration with your child as well as you as a parent or other caregiver. We’ll work together with you to understand the challenges you’re facing and develop a personalized plan of care that fits your needs as well as your values.

This includes developing initial goals and expectations as well as an anticipated timeline. On-going communication and involvement with you is vital to your child’s progress and growth.

There is no one size-fits-all to helping a child or teen navigate mental health challenges — everything is tailored to who they are, how their unique brain works, and the needs of your family.

Get started today

Ready to get started? Call us at (720)222-0550 to book your first appointment or let us know any questions you might have. You can also book online.


What ages do you see?

We currently see adolescents and teens, from approximately 12 and up. Each of our team members has their own age range they focus on. To learn more about each of our providers and find the best fit for your family, please call us at (720)738-8531 to discuss your family’s needs.

Are appointments remote or in-person?

Both are available. Although we prefer in-person appointments whenever possible for adolescents and teens, we also offer remote telepsychiatry and teletherapy appointments to help meet your schedule. Please note: all initial evaluations (your first appointment) need to be in person.

Do you provide all the services a traditional psychiatrist would?

Yes, think of integrative psychiatry as traditional psychiatry plus other treatment options that look at brain, body, emotions, and relationship dynamics more systemically and holistically. Our psychiatric providers have all the same training and certifications as traditional psychiatric practitioners, but also have significant further training in nutrition and other areas. Our psychotherapists (talk therapists) are also an important part of our care plans, and we often suggest talk therapy before turning to medication when possible.

When should I bring my adolescent or teen in for help?

The need for mental health evaluation and treatment is often triggered by noticeable changes in a child’s behavior or attitudes. This can include changes in eating or sleeping habits, OCD-like behavior, angry outbursts, falling grades, or a change in attitude towards school, friends or family. If you’ve noticed anything that concerns you, please call us at (720)738-8531 to find out which of our treatment options might be best for your family.

I work full-time. Is it still possible to bring my child in?
We’ll do our best to accommodate your schedule. Please discuss any individual needs with our front office staff and we’ll be happy to discuss and work with you.
Where in Denver are you located?

Ballen Medical & Wellness is located in Centennial, just south of the Denver Tech Center. We see patients from all over the greater Denver area, as well as all over the United States. If you’re flying in from out of state, please contact us for local hotel discounts and other help with your arrangements.


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