We Discuss NAD on Integrative Medicine Podcast “The Healing Reset”

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We Discuss NAD on Integrative Medicine Podcast “The Healing Reset”

We’re big fans of NAD. After years of working with NAD infusions, we’ve seen it help countless patients with everything from sports performance to Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, and chronic inflammation. It even helps patients detox from opioids and alcohol by reducing cravings and resetting the neurotransmitters responsible for addiction.

We’re also big fans of The Healing Reset, an amazing podcast devoted to integrative medicine, so we were honored when they invited our head IV nurse Sara Bricker, BSN, RN, on to the show to explain what NAD is and how it can make you healthier.

Please enjoy the episode, and if you have any further questions about NAD, feel free to call us and ask for Sara. She offers free 15-minute IV therapy consultations whenever her schedule permits.

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