Integrative addiction services for Denver

Outpatient addiction detox and recovery that works on your terms

Get innovative outpatient programs that work better with your schedule and your daily life — and take power over your addiction today.

Flexible outpatient addiction care that works —
even if you're too busy for intensive programs

Just because you have an addiction doesn’t mean you don’t also have a career, loved ones, and other parts of your life that can be difficult to pause for residential and intensive programs.

That’s why at Ballen Medical & Wellness, we provide flexible outpatient programs that allow you to detox and recover from addiction without putting your life on hold.

Our proven integrative approach can help you:
Break the cycle of recovery and relapse
Get freedom from cravings
✅ Repair damaged relationships
✅ Heal underlying issues like depression and trauma
✅ Regain your physical, mental and spiritual well-being
If you’ve made the decision to heal from addiction and need outpatient care, our innovative plans are available for you to start immediately.
“I’d been addicted to opioids for a year and a half, and I was able to stop them completely thanks to the ten day outpatient program at Ballen Medical & Wellness. It’s been two months since I finished, and I still haven’t had any cravings for opioids. My anxiety’s also better, and I’m even working out again for the first time since I was diagnosed with anxiety.”
— Jason H., Denver (Real patient of our clinic)

Man staring out sunny window with coffee, in recovery from addiction.

Get lasting power over addiction with our proven integrative approach

The core of our programs is an integrative approach that goes beyond treating symptoms and addresses the underlying reasons for your physical and psychological cravings.
Our programs feature:

Traditional & Holistic Care: We offer the best of both worlds – traditional rehab services like medication-assisted treatment as well as evidence-based holistic options. Our treatment plans can include NAD+ and ketamine infusions, which have shown promising results for addiction recovery.

Personalized Plans: We’ll work together on a plan that fits your unique history, needs, and goals. Once we discuss the best options, you’ll decide what works for you.

10-Day Outpatient Detox Featuring NAD+ Infusions: The cornerstone of our program is an IV therapy detox program that helps reset and restore the neurotransmitters responsible for addictive cravings from drug and alcohol dependence, as well as psychological addictions like shopping, gambling, and internet addiction. We’ll keep you as comfortable, safe, and pain-free as possible during your withdrawal period, and cravings begin to reduce in just 1-3 days for most patients.*

Relief from Depression, Anxiety, Trauma & More: Many people who suffer from addiction have a dual diagnosis of depression, anxiety, PTSD, or other trauma. As an integrative mental health clinic, we’re specialists in healing difficult and complex cases like co-occurring disorders.

Care for Mind, Body & Spirit: Addiction affects your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. That’s why we use a whole-body approach to heal the roots of your addiction and help you achieve total well-being. This includes treating brain fog and restoring your mental clarity and energy.

*An important note about our 10-day IV therapy outpatient detox program: The majority of addictions have a psychological component that must be addressed with counseling and other aftercare tools to support your long-term recovery and reduce the likelihood of relapse. Resetting your neurotransmitters alone does not address the underlying psychological stressors, needs, or traumatic life events your addiction may be associated with. For this reason, we do not consider the 10-day IV therapy detox a standalone addiction treatment for most patients.

Ready to explore life beyond addiction?

Call us at (720)222-0550 to book an appointment with a licensed addiction specialist and begin your recovery. If you have questions, you can also schedule a free 15-minute consultation here with our patient care team. We’ll answer all of your questions without judgment — and without any pressure to make a decision.

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Holistic outpatient addiction rehab programs for Denver

We can help you with:

  • Alcohol detox & recovery

  • Opioid detox & recovery (Oxycontin, Other Pills)

  • Prescription drug detox & recovery

  • Benzodiazepine detox & recovery

  • Detox & recovery from recrational drugs like cocaine, marijuana, kratom, and more

  • Non-substance addictions like pornography, gambling, shopping, and internet gaming disorder

Your plan might include:

  • Integrative Psychiatry
  • Licensed Addiction Counseling
  • Natural Detox from Alcohol & Opioids (10-Day Outpatient Program featuring NAD+)
  • Psychotherapy (inc. CBT)
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment for Addiction (inc. Suboxone)
  • Ketamine Infusions for Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD
  • IV Therapy for Brain Fog, Wellness & More
Recover Faster(NAD)
Ketamine treatment in Denver

3 Simple steps to get started

Step 1: Free Consultation

Reach out for a free 15-minute phone consultation with a member of our care team. We’ll answer your questions, learn about your goals, and help determine if our services are a good fit for where you’re at. If you need a different level of care, we can provide trusted referrals.

Step 2: Initial Evaluation

In your first appointment, a member of our integrative psychiatry team will conduct an in-depth evaluation. Our psychiatric providers spend extensive time understanding you as a whole person — your unique biology, life experiences, relationships, diet, lifestyle habits, medical history, and more. This step will also include ordering lab tests if needed.

Step 3: Personalized Treatment Plan

Based on your evaluation, we’ll work with you to create an integrative treatment plan that meets your needs and honors your individual preferences. This may include medications, therapy, lifestyle changes, dietary plans, supplements, and other modalities.

Once your plan is set, your treatment can begin. Your progress will be closely monitored, and we’ll continuously adapt and optimize your medications and other treatment options to manage or even heal your symptoms while minimizing side effects.

We realize getting started with addiction services can be overwhelming. Let's make the process easy with a free, no-pressure phone consultation.

Visit here to schedule your free 15-minute consultation with a member of our patient care team. There’s no pressure or obligation, and everything is completely private. You can also reach us with the contact form at the bottom of this page.


What our patients say about us


What types of addiction do you treat?

We treat all types of chemical and process addictions, including alcohol, opioids, prescription medications, illicit drugs, as well as behavioral addictions like gambling, shopping, porn, and gaming.

Do you provide medication-assisted treatment (MAT) like Suboxone?

Yes. We can provide all major MAT options, as well any other prescription medication you need on your path to recovery.

What are the qualifications and certifications of your treatment providers?

We have one of the leading integrative mental health and wellness teams in Denver. Our staff includes psychiatric practitioners, medication management prescribers, licensed addiction counselors, psychotherapists, integrative wellness specialists, and RNs. Despite the associations some have with words like “holistic,” our team is highly experienced and has worked in a variety of settings such as emergency care. We have several prescribers on the team (nurse practitioners) as well as an MD (Dr. Ballen). For more on the certifications and education of each team member, please visit here.

How quickly can I get started with treatment?

We aim to make starting the recovery process as quick and seamless as possible and will do our best to accommodate your schedule and needs to the extent we can. Although it depends on various factors, many of our clients are able to begin our outpatient treatment programs within 1-3 days of their initial consultation.

What methods do you use to treat addiction?

Our programs utilize traditional interventions like licensed addiction counseling and medication-assisted treatment as well as holistic alternatives like NAD+ therapy, ketamine treatment, and nutrient optimization. We customize treatment plans with options that best fit each client’s needs and preferences. You can choose to make your treatment more holistic or more traditional at any time.

Do you offer detox programs?

Yes, we have a 10-day NAD+ outpatient detox program that allow clients to safely withdraw from substances like alcohol, opioids, and benzodiazepines as comfortably and safely as possible. Treatment is monitored by our expert nursing team and includes comfort meds as needed, as well as supporting therapies like nutritional optimization and ketamine treatment, and licensed addiction counseling.

Do you provide aftercare and ongoing recovery support?

Absolutely. After care is essential to maintain sobriety. We provide licensed addiction counseling, psychotherapy, CBT, relapse prevention education and more.

Do you accept insurance for your outpatient addiction rehab services?

Ballen Medical & Wellness is a self-pay clinic and does not accept insurance, but superbills for potential re-imbursement are available upon request.

We realize the costs of healthcare can be a hardship, but unfortunately working with insurance companies prevents us from providing the level of care the majority of our patients seek from us.

Additionally, many of our patients appreciate the added levels of privacy and discretion that come from using self-pay rehab options.

Here are some of the primary reasons we have chosen to be a private cash-pay clinic:

  • Many of our patients have already tried options through their insurance plans but still need help feeling better.
  • Insurance companies take control out of your hands and ours. We work together with you to decide the plan of care that’s right for your needs. Under insurance, they might refuse that plan, or make us try alternatives for weeks or even months before we can do the treatments we believe are best for you. We prioritize what we think will work best — they prioritize what is most cost effective for them.
  • Insurance companies are rarely up-to-date on the latest advances in mental health care and wellness. For example, we treated depression with ketamine for years before insurance companies began to consider ketamine treatment.
  • Working with insurance companies takes a lot of time away from our patients. The time spent on insurance paperwork and dealing with denied claims adds up to hours per week that our practitioners can’t see patients. 
  • Most insurance companies dictate a lower standard of care than we believe in. For example, they would reduce many of our 30-minute follow-up appointments to 15-minutes.
  • Insurance companies have to juggle multiple factors, such as their entire coverage pool of patients, when determining your care. Because we don’t accept insurance, we can focus on one patient at a time and do what’s in your best interest.

How much are your addiction services?

We can provide packaged addiction recovery plans as well as a la carte pricing. We’ll put together a personalized plan based on your input after your complimentary consultation. In general though, doing outpatient recovery like ours is a significantly smaller financial commitment than residential and IOP programs. You can view pricing for some of our individual services here.

What level of privacy and discretion do you provide clients?

We take client privacy extremely seriously and follow all HIPAA laws. We never disclose the reason someone is seeking treatment with us. Also, because we provide many different services for mental health and wellness, you will have a high level of discretion. There are no signs mentioning addiction at our facility, and other patients will not know whether you’re coming in for a wellness infusion or something more serious.

Do you offer treatment for dual diagnosis of addiction and mental health issues?

Yes, many of our clients have co-occurring disorders like depression, anxiety and PTSD in addition to addiction. Our psychiatric providers can treat both conditions together through integrated counseling, medication management, and more holistic options as desired.

What differentiates you from other treatment providers in the area?

Our integrative approach combines traditional and holistic therapies for more customized and comprehensive treatment. We also offer flexible outpatient programs as an alternative to rigid inpatient rehab. We’re known for success in even challenging and difficult cases, and we will work tirelessly to make sure you have the care you need. Additionally, our programs are significantly more affordable and flexible than residential programs and IOPs. If you don’t need around-the-clock care and wish to be treated like an adult without judgment or shame, we are a great choice for your addiction recovery care. Last but not least, you have a strong voice in your care — we do not have a one-size-fits-all approach, and ultimately you are in charge of what services you would like your plan to include.

What happens after I request a consultation?

A specialist will contact you to learn about your history and goals. There is no commitment, enrollment fee, or obligation through this free consultation. We simply aim to determine if our programs are a good fit, and if not, we can make trusted referrals to help you get the care you need as soon as possible.

Book your free 15-minute IV therapy consultation

If this is an emergency, please dial 911 or visit your local emergency room. For all other inquiries, please use the form below or call us at (720)738-8531.

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